Just Go Play


We made this brand to inspire a dynamic change in the way that golf in viewed.  Each item has been designed for the current golfer in a way that breaks from tradition, creating a lifestyle brand that values a casual vibe, an athletic feel that projects effortless style on and off the course
PLYR emerged from a joint vision that allows both casual street apparel and golf attire to merge, breaking down current golf style stereotypes
PLYR was created with the desire to appeal to a younger demographic of golfers, with designs that are non-traditional but uniquely inspired by the current golfer. 
The brand aims to elevate course style, while dynamically altering its appearance in a way that makes it more comfortable, relevant, and wearable, on and off the course.
PLYR is a lifestyle; each piece is designed to inspire confidence, athleticism, and a casual vibe, allowing those who wear it to project who they are with effortless style