PLYR Ambassador Program

Applications for 2019 close June 1, 2019


Simply put, a PLYR Ambassador is someone who is passionate about the PLYR brand. We want ambassadors who are excited about PLYR and actively rep our products, show them off and tell their network of friends and family about the brand. In return, ambassadors get great discounts and earn credit on all sales made online through their unique code.

A PLYR Ambassador is expected to actively participate in marketing the PLYR brand through various channels. You can promote PLYR throughout your community and social media platforms. 



First of all, because you are passionate about the PLYR brand! But mainly for the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Being a PLYR ambassador allows you to join and represent the growing PLYR brand. Along the way you will gain experience and be presented with tons of exposure and networking opportunities.

In return for actively posting PLYR product, ambassadors will get their own discount code, earn store credit on sales using this code, and get great discounts and products to help promote our brand!

Additionally, our ambassadors have the unique and exclusive opportunity to help participate in idea building and generate new ideas and designs for future products. 



Ambassadors are socially active individuals who are interested in joining and helping grow the PLYR brand. Ambassadors are role models to the PLYR community and focus on social media, sales, and event marketing. 

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Staffers are individuals affiliated with a course and have a desire to grow the PLYR brand in both their shop and community. This program is ideal for any level of professional who already has or is interested in having the PLYR brand in their shop.